Grain, Flour and Agrifeed

Grain, Flour and Agrifeed


The Feed Bridging SOULTION

What makes Bridgrid different than other systems ?
Our internal grid system is what sets us apart from the competition.
The horizontal bar connects the opposing bin walls and solidifies the cone. This allows vibration to be transmitted
evenly, smoothly and consistently from the bottom of the unloader to the very top of the lid.
The vertical bar and the “fingers” throughout provide surface area through the center of the structure. Agitating
the contents in the center of the lower portion of the bin is extremely effective. That’s where the pressure is.
BridgRid allows a vibrator to be mounted to a tank, utilizing the existing hardware and without compromising the
integrity of its design and structure.
Feed Flow Control & Monitoring
BridgRid electronics provide 24/7 automation. Sensors monitor the feed in the tube when the auger is rotating and
agitation occurs only as necessary.
Each feedline in front of every tank requires a sensor and communicates with the Vibration Motor Control (VMC)
box—1 per bin. The VMC box mounts on the bin leg and coordinates the sensors. It measures the vibration levels
on the tank and self-calibrates, thus establishing the parameters of both a full and empty bin and sets a scale
accordingly. BridgRid will not operate on an empty tank. An alarm output is also provided.
All BridgRid electronics have been designed and manufactured by ControlTech. Although the programs and
software are very complex, the system is extremely simple to operate once properly installed. ANYONE can do it.



BridgRid has a broad range of applications.
This innovative product has had great success in premix bins at mills, elevators, fisheries, breweries and multiple
industrial applications in difficult substances from straight Distillers Dried Grains (DDG’s) and soy meal, and wheat
mids to ammonium sulfate, salt and flour.
Our design accomdates traditional, steel, welded, bolted, poly, plastic, and fiberglass tanks. We offer multiple power
choices as well with vibrators for almost any power application to help keep installation simple and economical. Our
electrical control systems have been developed to allow a broad application over a wide range of equipment and
brand names.
We offer systems and options to accommodate ANY SIZE OPERATION. We also offer fabrication services and
custom build units for non-traditional and flat surfaced tanks.


BridgRid is designed to operate with bins containing feed. BridgRid is not liable for any damage caused by operating
in empty bins.
Custom built units and fabrication are offered at an additional charge that must be quoted by us or our affiliates.
They will be at our discretion and may require a deposit.
Sample Application: 50 Ton Premix Bin Containing DDGs
We are truly pleased with BridgRid. With the feed ingredients we are dealing with in the ‘high cost corn generation’
I believe that we will eventually have a BridgRid on every by-product bin, old and new. Thanks for the help.!Jacob
Community Mills Cassopolis, MI
Australia New Zealand Contact:
Chris Heke
General Manager
Ph: 0435203372

What is BridgRid?

BridgRid is an internally mounted grid system activated by an externally mounted vibrator. It mounts on the lower
portion of nearly any sloped bulk container with a bottom discharge. It has been effective in every material that it
has been used.
We offer the technology to provide complete 24/7 automation of feeding at confined animal feeding operations
(CAFOs) and like facilities. The flow is monitored in the auger tube, vibration occurs only when necessary and is
sustained only long enough to restore flow whenever bridging occurs. The amount of feed in the tank is recognized
and monitored as well, and automatically prevents operation on an empty tank.
Every aspect of BridgRid has been designed and developed by people fully active in the industry today. We
understand the issues and have addressed them. We can speak with you knowledgeably about any question or
concern you may have. If you can think of it, we have thought of it and made provisions for it.
It’s simple. It requires no maintenance. It’s affordable. Most
importantly, it really works.
It’s 2016; it’s time to Drop the Hammer.


Does that thing spin?
No, it does not. Our internal components solidify the bin cone and allow the vibration to transmit smoothly and
evenly throughout the structure including our equipment in the middle of the tank.

Won’t it pack the feed?
Absolutely not. We specifically and intensively tested for this.

Will it damage my bin?
BridgRid will not damage a tank if properly installed and used as intended.

How big a hole do you need to cut in the bin to install it?
Every part of BridgRid will enter the bin through the standard 16′′ discharge hole. It requires an empty tank to

How long does it take to install?
BridgRid requires about an hour to prep and assemble and another hour to install.

Will it fit my tank?
BridgRid fits 6′ through 15′ diameter tanks with 43° through 67° slopes. It works on steel, welded, bolted, plastic,
poly or fiberglass tanks.

Does it work?
Absolutely. We guarantee it.

What’s the guarantee?
BridgRid will perform as advertised. If it does not, we will ascertain why and fix it. If we cannot fix the problem, we
will reclaim our equipment and offer a refund.

How much does it cost?
We accommodate a large range of needs and configurations so feel free to contact us for a quote specific to your
needs. Basic systems start under USD$1250.00

What’s the warranty?
2 years from the date of installation on parts. 1 year on service.

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